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The Business Visa Qualification Process

The BVSG has developed an effective multi-step system for ensuring that visa applicants are properly matched with our franchise business model.

Step 1. The Interview. After being introduced to our Visa Specialist, the visa applicant outlines his / her specific situation and goals. Some visa applicants have attempted or are attempting to secure a L-1 or H1-B visas. Others are considering an EB-5 visa for permanent residency but are on a waiting list and yet others are looking into an E-2 visa. Others aren’t even aware that there are alternatives that offer relatively easy ways to obtain visas to enter to U.S.

Whatever the situation, the BVSG ensures that all of the details and specifics are known and understood before making any specific recommendations. Occasionally, our services are not applicable for the visa applicant. This determination is made after the in-depth interview.

Step 2. Recommendation. If it is determined that a specific visa solution is achievable, a letter of confirmation is provided with a restatement of the goals and requirements for the specific visa that may be applied for and a specific recommendation is made.

Step 3. Financial Assessment. A detailed financial assessment is completed and the client’s funds are verified.

Step 4. Business Plan. A business plan is prepared, presented and reviewed.

Step 5. Documentation. All documentation is prepared and reviewed by our team members. This includes a subscription agreement, franchise agreement and the visa application.

Step 6. Funds Transferred. Funds are wired or transferred to the visa applicant’s business and documents are executed for the investor to purchase shares in an existing business entity.

Step 6. Business Operations. The business is opened and managed.

Step 7. Online Access. Online private portal is provided to each investor with their own personal, private and confidential access. All financial statements and other pertinent information is made available to the investor with 24/7 access.

Step 8. Reviews. Monthly reports are prepared and submitted to the client. Semi-annual and annual reviews take place within 90 after the close of the reporting period.

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