L-1 Business Visas

L-1 Business Visas

The L-1A visa can be used by foreign businesses or foreign entrepreneurs who own a business outside of the U.S.

By working with our visa program specialists, a foreign company can open a subsidiary in the U.S. and certain categories of managerial employees can qualify for L-1A visas. The L-1A visa can be converted into a Green Card through an adjustment of status.

An L-1A visa may be suitable in the following situations.

  • A foreign national from China who is not able to wait for an EB-5 Green Card because his / her children will soon be 21 years old (“age out”). Current retrogression schedules for the EB-5 visa will result in a 5 to 7-year delay for Chinese investors who are seeking an EB-5 visa.
  • A non-Chinese foreign national who wishes to obtain permanent U.S. resident status
  • Any foreign national who owns a business outside the U.S. and has the financial resources to invest at least $500,000 to capitalize a new U.S.-based subsidiary entity.

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