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Getting Started

After the qualification interview and once a client is accepted into one of BVSG visa programs, the following steps are followed.

  • An application is completed.A formal application is completed. This application is necessary because it provides necessary and relevant information on the client’s personal and family information, the client’s businesses information, sources of investment funds and other relevant information necessary for the business formation and set up process.
  • Funds are verified.The necessary funds are verified as to the source and amount. All transfer information is completed at this time.
  • A subscription agreement is executed.A subscription agreement is completed and executed. Subscription agreement funds are then transferred.
  • Arrangements are made for the investor to purchase shares in an existing business entity.BSVG will arrange for the documentation for the visa applicant to purchase a 51% interest in an existing corporate entity. Complete documentation will be provided to the visa applicant. Bank accounts are set up and all other necessary federal, state and local permits, tax identification numbers, etc. are secured for the investor’s business entity.
  • Fund are transferred.The funds are transferred into the bank accounts to fund the business account and to capitalize the business.
  • Confirmation of receipt of funds issued.A funds transfer receipt is sent to the visa applicant, their immigration attorney and any other advisors.
  • Franchise and management agreements are reviewed and executed.The visa applicant’s business requests that formal franchise agreements are prepared. After reviewing the franchise agreement, the franchise agreements are executed.
  • Franchise agreement is funded with a transfer of funds to the franchisor.Franchise fees are paid to the franchisor and payment receipts issued and sent to the investor, their immigration attorney and any other advisors.
  • Registration to the BVSG Online Success System Portal completed.After the registration of the BVSG Online Success System (BOSS) Portal has been completed, all formation and closing documents are posted on the portal.

    The BOSS Portal is a dashboard for the business. The BOSS Portal is structured to provide 24/7 access for all clients for all documents, financial reports on the business and other relevant information related to the business.

    It is BVSG objective to provide complete transparency to our clients.

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