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How Buying a US Business Can Lead to a Green Card and US Citizenship

Business & Investor Visas

Economic uncertainty and lack of opportunity outside the U.S. continue to motivate business owners, professionals, executives and entrepreneurs to seek to relocate to the U.S. in order to pursue business opportunities. Regardless of who occupies the White House, the U.S. has remained a safe place to raise a family and a very attractive place to operate a business.

To facilitate the relocation process, the U.S. has created a number of investor visas that are designed to encourage foreign investors and companies to bring their capital to the US and create jobs for US workers. Each visa is designed to serve the needs of a specific group of applicants who must meet all of the visa’s requirements and criteria.

The E-2 Visa

The oldest and most often used business visa is the E-2 visa that was created to encourage trade between the US and its allies. Today, over 35,000 E-2 visas are approved each year. Specifics about the E-2 visa include:

  • The E-2 visa is a business visa that requires the visa petitioner to invest a significant amount of funds in a new or existing business.
  • The E-2 visa is a non-immigrant visa that does not directly lead to a green card but it can be renewed an indefinite number of times so long as the business continues to provide an economic benefit to the USA.
  • The E-2 visa is an ideal tool for foreign nationals who want to enter the US business marketplace in order build their businesses while increasing their wealth.

The L-1A Visa

The L-1A visa was designed to help foreign companies enter the American marketplace and invest capital in the U.S.  Specifics about the L-1A visa include:

  • The L-1A allows foreign companies to bring highly-skilled and highly-knowledgeable employees to the U.S.
  • Although most often used by large multinational companies to transfer executives and managers to their US operations, the L-1A is also available to entrepreneurs and business owners who want to establish a business in the US.
  • The L-1A visa is ideal for overseas business owners who want to launch a new company in the US.
  • The L-1A visa is one of the few non-immigrant visas that can be converted into a green card after certain conditions have been met.

The EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor visa was created in order to encourage foreign investors to come to the US and invest at least one million dollars in a new U.S. business that would create at least 10 full-time, permanent positions within 24 months. Specifics of the EB-5 visa include:

  • In exchange for the significant investment and the creation of ten new jobs, the EB-5 visa investor is granted a green card.
  • The EB-5 visa attracts over 4,000 foreign investors per year. This has resulted in processing delays that range from 2 years to 6 years.
  • The investment requirements for the EB-5 visa have not changed in over 20 years. The U.S. government is now seeking to raise the investment amounts and to make significant changes in the EB-5 program.
  • Despite the possibility of significant changes, the EB-5 visa remains one of the most well know, though expensive, ways of investing in a US business in order to obtain a green card.

Visa Solutions for E-2, L-1A and EB-5 Applicants

To help meet the demand for these business and investor visas, Kingsfield Tutors and its business immigration legal advisers have developed a business-based solution for foreign nationals who want to apply for business or investor visas.

The Kingsfield Tutors business solution makes it possible for foreign nationals to meet all of the requirements of the E-2, L-1A or EB-5 visa by purchasing a majority interest in one or more of our new Kingsfield Tutoring offices.

The partnership created between Kingsfield Tutors and a foreign national investor creates a win-win situation for both parties. Kingsfield Tutors obtains the capital it requires to open new offices and the joint-venture partner qualifies for an E-2, L-1A or EB-5 visa.   Although the majority owner of the joint venture is a foreign national or a foreign company, Kingsfield Tutors provides the day-to-day management expertise necessary to help operate each new business unit.

To learn more about our unique business opportunity and how we can help you on a path to a green card or U.S. citizenship, contact BVSG today.

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