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A Fast Path to an E-2 Visa for Chinese Nationals

Can Chinese nationals obtain an E-2 Visa ? The answer may surprise you !

Although China is not an E-2 Investor Treaty country, a new pathway is emerging that allows Chinese nationals to obtain an E-2 visa.  To understand how a Chinese national can qualify for an E-2 visa it is important to understand how the second passport/second citizenship process works.

Grenada, a sovereign island nation located in the Caribbean, offers a second citizenship or second passport opportunity to wealthy foreigners who invest in one of the government’s approved real estate developments that dot the tropical island paradise. The Grenada “second passport” opportunity is quickly developing a significant interest among wealthy foreign nationals, including Chinese, who are seeking to do business or to educate their children in the U.S.

The most fortuitous aspect of Grenada’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program is the fact that in 1989 Grenada signed the E-2 Investor Treaty with the United States. As a result, Grenada passport holders can now obtain an E-2 visa that allows them to travel to the U.S. in order to purchase an existing business or to start a new one. This key advantage of the Grenada second passport program has become obvious to Chinese investors who otherwise face an eight- to ten-year delay in obtaining an EB5 visa or green card.

Grenada’s CBI program is not for the financially challenged. It is designed for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) from across the globe who can afford its lofty price. In fact, the program requires a significant investment in a local real estate development. Such an investment costs upwards of $350,000 when all fees for the CBI program are included. However, unlike CBI programs offered by other countries around the world, the Grenada CBI program results in a second citizenship much more quickly than its competitors’ programs, its costs are much lower, and it’s the only one that comes with access to the E-2 visa.

For Chinese citizens who want to relocate to the US with an E-2 visa while their children attend school, Grenada’s Citizenship By Investment program provides a possible alternative to the now seriously backlogged EB-5 program. Waiting times for EB-5 visas are now six to eight years while an E-2 visa can be obtained in only a few months.

Additionally, in recent years China and Grenada have forged very close economic and diplomatic ties. As result, Grenada’s citizens can travel to China without the need to apply for a visa. This is a relationship that only four other countries enjoy with China and it makes clear China’s long-term plan for its government’s relationship with Grenda.

For more information about the Grenada Citizenship By Investment program you can visit the Grenada government website.

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